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I am an optimist, someone who always lives in hope.. :) I believe, beauty of a person lies inside him and every person is special in his own way... And so, I love myself for what I am :) I love listening to music and I just love to dance.. :) My world revolves around the people I love.. And.. that's it I guess.. :) Its really tough to capsule everything about me in a few words.. Each post here will tell more about me.. So read on... :)

Happy birthday hai!! :) :)

This blog is dedicated to the two most special people, my two best friends Sharu and Harshi!! :)
You might have guessed the reason by now.. Yea, yea.. It's their happyy birthday ;D

Name: Sharanya Satish
DOB: 29-05-1989
Age: 21
Sun sign: Gemini

Sharu, the name which is tied with all the memories I have from the past three years of my engineering, the name which never fails to bring a smile on my face :)
She goes about things in a way that will make sure she ends up doing something funny and stupid! :) She's the proud owner of 'Sharanya's free counselling center', a total metal freak and a little monster :D

One thing I love about her is, she always listens without complaining, whenever I blabber away incessantly about anything and everything. Whenever I'm sad, glad, excited or super-excited, disappointed or low or whatever, she's the one I always talk to.. And she's always there for me.. All of us have some one or two people we open up to, who understand us well. She's the one for me :) She knows me inside out.. no one else knows better! :)

And man how much fun we've had together!! She's my partner in crime.. :D Telling our parents that we are doing combined studies at each others' place and escaping to a movie(hope my mom doesn't read this ;) ), hanging out at BDA, watching movies and going aawww together, laughing at the silliest of things till our stomachs hurt, our walks in the park, our mini piligrimage to all the temples in Bangalore before results, and so many many other things.. And Sharu, remember, how we'd danced in the empty park and laughed our hearts out, I'm sure the old man there thought we are both mad.. Lol :D
Man! We rock, babe, we rock!! ;)

Aaaaaaaaand the little monster turns 21 today..!! :) Congrats Sharu.. :)
I just wish you remain as young at heart, as you've always been!! :)


Name: Harshitha Raju
DOB: 30-05-1990!!!
Age: 20 (*drum roll* hahahahaha.. I'm soo happy.. You're no more a teenager.. Welcome to the club, kiddo!! ;) ;) )
Sun sign: Gemini

Born in the great family of Kshatriyas, who are known for their valor and bravery, this kiddo is a total misfit.. :D Lol :D Like Jai of Jaane tu ya jaane na.. But that guy does few brave stunts atleast at the end.. I have no hopes of her doing any such thing! ;)

Harshi is the sweetesht gurl on the planet, ditto like a typical romantic movie ka heroine jo sharmati hai, ghabrati hai, muskurati hai,... :) Chalta phirta mini movie package :) :)
She's the hugging saint of JSS.. One hug from her and you'll feel everything's gonna be just fine :) The whole Raju family is soo sweet, I imagine honey dripping from the walls whenever I visit her place..
Lol :D Seriously.. :)

Got to know her real late, even though we were in the same class.. I got to know her properly by the end of second year only.. I soo wish I had talked to you earlier, Harshi!! :) But after that, there was no looking back.. 1 year of this friendship makes me feel like, I've known her since ages.. :)
Both of us have so much in common.. We are both mushy and huge fans of 'Mungaru male' :)
She is soon going to be a film director.. ;P Has promised to give me the lead female role.. The script is ready too. She's gonna marry a film producer soon and we'll kick start the shooting! This is the plan.. Harshi, I hope you don't change your mind on this :D

I soo wish I could write poems.. I would've definitely written a poem for you.. Seriously..
But, I'm pathetic at it..
I dedicate this song to you.. I love this song too much.. It's too cute :)

You're my Honeybunch, Sugarplum
Pumpy-umpy-umpkin, You're my Sweetie Pie
You're my Cuppycake, Gumdrop
Snoogums-Boogums, You're the Apple of my Eye
And I love you so and I want you to know
That I'll always be right here
And I love to sing sweet songs to you
Because you are so dear

:) :)

If there are people who believe that people born under the same sign are similar in nature, these two girls will put them to shame :) They are totally different from each other, like chalk and cheese! If they have anything in common, it is their supposedly claimed girlfriend, that's me.. :) ;)
People actually tease me with both of them, coz' I'm close to them..!! :O Lol :D

Man, I just wanna say I'm lucky to have you both as my friends, love you guys too much!! :)

Ohooo!! I got so engrossed in telling stories that I haven't wished them even once in this post..
Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday, darlings!! (I'm sure Harshi will read this only tomorrow! So I'm wishing her too :) ) May all your dreams come true!! :) Have a rocking year ahead!! :)

Hey guys, you too go ahead, click the comment button and wish them, please please! This is my small try to make them smile.. :)
Sharu and Harshi, hope you guys like it!! :)

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