My Wish List

The three things I badly wish I could have are......

If I could have three things, I'd wish for the following that make life worth living. They are the best gifts anyone can have. They are-



"The one thing we can never get enough of is love. And the one thing we never give enough is love"
-Henry Miller
Knowing you are loved is a sweet feeling. It adds smiles to your day and shine to your eyes. It adds more color to your life and more life to your years, a swing to your walk and a rhythm to your talk. It gives you the confidence to stand up for yourself. I wish that my life is filled with more such love! :)


I wish to be at peace with the people around me. The world is full of different people. It is a huge task in itself to handle all the differences. There are many more lessons to be learnt and unlearnt. May I always have the strength and sapience to deal with people. 
I wish to be at peace with myself. May I always have the courage to pursue what I love.


Happiness follows love and peace. I wish to have my share of happiness in life and more lovely people around to share it with. I do not wish to have a lot of wealth but I wish to be content with whatever I have. I wish each day ends with a new lesson, a new experience and wonderful memories of love and laughter, to be treasured for a lifetime! :)

This post is in response to the prompt given here-   by Preethi Shenoy, as part of the launch of her fourth book- 

Preethi Shenoy's writing has a warmth and simplicity to it, which I admire a lot. Here's wishing her great success with her new book :)


  1. Hope you get all these :) But , it will require 99.99% of YOUR effort ;)

  2. @My Thoughts- Thank you :)
    @Rash- True :)

  3. congrats dear. Your entry have got special mention. Liked your post.

  4. I wish every one in this world would have had only these 3 wishes..
    Really nice :)


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