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I am an optimist, someone who always lives in hope.. :) I believe, beauty of a person lies inside him and every person is special in his own way... And so, I love myself for what I am :) I love listening to music and I just love to dance.. :) My world revolves around the people I love.. And.. that's it I guess.. :) Its really tough to capsule everything about me in a few words.. Each post here will tell more about me.. So read on... :)

Life, or something like it..

It was around 2 o' clock in the afternoon. This summer has been very hot! I was walking to the bus stop, sweating under the scorching sun, when I saw this old lady(very old.. aged above 80, I guess) walking ahead of me. She had two handbags by her side and wore a thick pair of spectacles. Her back was hunched, her gait, slow. I felt pity for her..thought she may be returning to her home. I walked past her but kept looking back to see if she was alright.. She was too old and weak to walk in that burning sun. I noticed that she was begging for alms. She did not look poor, maybe she had lost her way, maybe she needed some help.. I walked back to her.

"What happened Ajji?" I asked. "Nothing ma.. I've grown old, you see.." she replied. I gave her some money.. I couldn't think of anything else to do and walked to the bus stop. She continued begging. It was not obvious that she was begging, unless one observed carefully. She did not go to anyone. She just held her hand out and walked slowly. She reached the bus stop too and  found a lady she knew, almost as aged as she was and started a conversation with her. Ajji, her friend and I got into the same bus. She sat in a seat next to me and opposite to her was her friend. The lady sitting next to the friend enquired about Ajji.. "Does she work as a maid too?"(I learnt from their conversation that both the old ladies seated opposite to me did domestic work for their living). "You think she can do household work? Poor lady, she does bhikshaandehi(begging for alms)" she replied. Ajji who heard this, said, "Don't go by the good saree I am wearing. I beg for alms and somehow I'm managing to pull through my last few days."

When I got down from the bus, I asked Ajji's friend as to why Ajji had to beg. "Doesn't she have any kids to look after her?". She replied, "Ayyo, she has a daughter ma. But she beats her up for money. Everyday Ajji comes at around 6 o' clock in the morning and starts begging. At the end of the day, they beat her up and snatch all the money from her. Now, look at me only. I too have kids, but I do domestic work for a living. All aged people face the same ordeal." My eyes welled up. I gave her some money too. But I wish I could do more than just giving them money, talking to them or blogging about it.

"Cross the road carefully" she called from behind me as I walked away..

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