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I am an optimist, someone who always lives in hope.. :) I believe, beauty of a person lies inside him and every person is special in his own way... And so, I love myself for what I am :) I love listening to music and I just love to dance.. :) My world revolves around the people I love.. And.. that's it I guess.. :) Its really tough to capsule everything about me in a few words.. Each post here will tell more about me.. So read on... :)

School days- Revisited...

Sonu-Monu n' Soni-Moni :)
All of us have our own share of fantastic memories of school, which we always treasure.. School days, according to me are the most wonderful days of any one's life.. Whenever I see a school van, I rewind back the memories of school.. When I say School, two names that instantly come to my mind are
Rotary West School and Manvitha :)

Manvitha is one of my best friends from school..
We were inseparable.. Our homes were close by.. We used to travel to the school by the same rickshaw, we were classmates and used to sit together in class, went to the same music class, same summer camp.. We used call ourselves 'YaMa' :D :)
We always used to play together after school.. Power game, ghost game, kitchen set, sonu-monu n' soni-moni game and the list of games we played goes on..

Generally, when you are a kid, you want to grow up soon.. You love to act like an adult, love it when you are given importance.. :) Same was the case with me and Mani, I guess.. So, the game Sonu-Monu n' Soni-Moni( SMS- SM Square :D ). According to the game, each of us had two imaginary daughters(..twins! ;) ). I played mum to Sonu-Monu and Mani played mum to Soni-Moni.. :D

Our days began with waking SMS up, getting them ready to school and ended with putting them to sleep.. According to it, we used to go to school with SMS so that we could listen to the teachers and give lessons to them after coming home.. After coming back home, it was time to take SMS on the cycles for a joy ride :) We used to give homework to SMS and complete it ourselves.. I tho was so much into it that I used to wash my face twice, I used to wear two ponies, I used to divide my food into two halves,... one for S and one for M.. :D

I vividly remember our conversations.. They were most of the time about SMS:

Mani comes late to the auto..
Y: Yaake late?
M: Ayyo, S-M ready madodu late aythu

M:Ivathu en homework kottidira maklige?
Y: Nananthu social homework kottidini, maneli odade illa...
... :D

Childhood was such pure pleasure..! Now I hate the fact that I've grown up.. When I was in school, one of my teachers, Shantha ma'am always used to tell me that school days are golden days.. I just used to smile shyly at her.. Now, I realise how true it is..!!

I am reminded of this poem we had in 5th or 6th grade..

बार-बार आती है मुझको मधुर याद बचपन तेरी या ले गया तू जीवन की सबसे मस्त खुशी मेरी॥

Maybe I was wrong when I called SMS a game.. It wasn't just a game.. SMS were a part of our lives for three years.. And one fine day we left them behind when we left school. Maybe SMS are still waiting for us in school, playing in the sand pit or still completing the homework we gave them, wondering why we never return..
But for us, time has closed the gates of school forever.. All we can have are memories and more memories..!!

Inauguration :-)

Yaay!!! Finally..
Finally I have started my blog... It is such a nice feeling to be writing here. I was actually waiting for a special occasion to get the ball rolling.. Wondering what special occasion it is today?? Well it is Rash and Sandeep bhava's wedding anniversary.. :-) Man, its already one year since they got married!! As they say, time flies.. Happy anniversary, both of you.. :) Three cheers to the "Jodi no.1"!! :-)

Let me tell a few things about 'Dream on...'

  • Dream on is essentially a ME blog.. I want to use this blog to collect all my thoughts, dreams and experiences..
  • What's in a name??
Contrary to the above proverb, the name Dream on says a lot about me.. For me, life is all about dreaming and fulfilling. I initially thought I'll name it The dreamer's diary.. But I felt it sounds a little dramatic.. :-) Finally, I settled for Dream on.. Boy! It sounds sooo good, doesn't it?? Lol :-D
  • I'm totally new to blogging. I'm a beginner. I hope every post here makes a good read and I also hope to learn and improve as I write...
  • Dream on is very dear to me.. I hope to write here often. Keep reading.. :)

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