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I am an optimist, someone who always lives in hope.. :) I believe, beauty of a person lies inside him and every person is special in his own way... And so, I love myself for what I am :) I love listening to music and I just love to dance.. :) My world revolves around the people I love.. And.. that's it I guess.. :) Its really tough to capsule everything about me in a few words.. Each post here will tell more about me.. So read on... :)

My singing phobia!!

I am a bigg music buff.. I ENJOY singing, listening to music and everything.. but only when I'm alone or when I'm with people who're really close... My friends know me as someone who's always humming some song.. Sometimes, when I'm bored in class, I start singing suddenly, disturbing two or three benches.. :D Everyone sitting in the front row turns back n giggles :) When they get bored, they ask me to sing some song they like and I start off :)
All this is fine.. Ask me to sing in front of a group of people, I mean formally, I start getting jitters.. I have this problem right from childhood I guess..

I got a dose of this fear again recently.. :D It was ethnic day in my college.. Everything was fine until the lecturer asked who can sing well and all the girls started taking my name, jolting me completely! :D I was like nooooo ma'am, pleeaase, not singing.. But the lecturer, as usual didn't budge.. She was like you have to.. I felt totally helpless, poor me.. :( I didn't have any escape.. I had to sing..

I drank some water, closed my eyes and tried to calm myself down and I did it.. :D I sang 'lag ja gale'.. I guess, the first stanza was pretty decent.. After that I became conscious..
the second stanza actually goes like this..

Paas aaiye ke hum nahi aayenge baar baar

baahen gale me daal kar, hum role zaar zaar

aankhon se phir yeh pyaar ki barsaat ho na ho

shayad phir is janam me mulaqat ho na ho..

(Oh man!!.. Such beautiful lyrics!)

My voice trembled so much, I guess people thought I got into the mood of the song or something :D

I wonder how people manage to sing in front of a huge crowd!! Man, it scares me.. Kudos to them, really..!! It is nice to have the ability to entertain a crowd of people, isn't it..?

And yeah, as this post is about my singing, for the record..
Dayanna(my brother) who doesn't like Lata Mangeshkar's voice, had once told me that my voice is better than Lata Mangeskar's :D :D Hehe.. This is the BIGGEST compliment I've ever got :D Maybe even greatest of singers don't get such a huge compliment!! :D

Hmmm, jokes apart, will I ever be able to get over this stupid phobia!!

*Shakes head in despair*

(: R-a-n-d-o-m

Haven't written since a long time now. Everyday Harshi reminds me in college 'Shu, you haven't written anything, internals admele barithini andidde'.. :) Thing is, I am really lost on topics.. Suddenly it feels like life has come to a stand still and there isn't anything I can write about. Today, I decided I WILL write something. Again, same question, what will I write about! So thought I'll just write a casual post about everything that's going in my everyday life :)

I've planted a hibiscus plant but it doesn't seem to be growing at all..!! :( It has been 3 months since I planted it, but it hasn't even started flowering.. I go and check everyday but without any luck :(

Nowadays, I'm listening to more of old songs!! 'Chookar mere mann ko' and 'Zindagi ke safar me' are my current favorites :)

Even facebook has gotten boring :( But I cannot stop logging in everyday! It's become a part of my daily routine.. :)

My day is never complete without watching 'Pavitra rishta'. :) It is a daily soap and I never miss it! :)
I love the lead pair- Manav n' Archana..they make a beautiful pair! I love watching them both. Their on screen chemistry with the soft background score 'aasmaan me jab tak sitaare rahenge, hum ek dusre ke sahare rahenge..' makes my heart skip a beat.. :) Just check it out.. It's SWEET :)


I still miss Mysore! :( It is the best place in the whole world.. Not that I don't like Bangalore. I like Bangalore for all the wonderful people I met here:)

It is seminar season in our class :) Everyday there's one or the other seminar. Everyone freaks out when the lecturer is calling out names of people who'll be giving the seminar. A seminar in class is always a barrel of fun! :)

It's fest time too!! We're all geared up for Verve!! This time we are more excited as it is our batch people who're organizing it.. :) There is always some audition or practice happening in the seminar hall..

Me and Sanket are the chief editors of the college magazine this time. The magazine is scheduled for release on the day of Verve. Gotta finish our work before that. It's always a nice feeling to be doing something for the college. And the decision making power has made it all the more an enjoyable stint.. ;)

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