A realization!

Writing after a long long time.. Blame my exams! :P Done with my exams and almost done with holidays also.. Nice to be writing here after such a long gap.. :P

Well this post, actually is just a passing thought; a philosophical thought you may call it! Yea yea, I do get philosophical thoughts also :) A LOT OF THEM actually!! :)

A few days back I got a forward on my cell.. It was this general 'Reply with an option and I'll tell you the meaning behind it' kind of a forward.. There was a list of cars.. It said select a car that you'd like to drive n you'll know the meaning.. there were many names.. I've personally loved only Swift.. Never really thought of any other car.. But what I replied took me by surprise.. BMW!! This made me think!! Why did I select BMW? Haven't I always liked Swift..?? Haven't I always thought Swift is all I want, nothing more..??!!

I thought about this for a little more time than necessary maybe.. And this is what I concluded.. We always feel that having 'something' in our life will make us happy.. But, we forget that there's always a 'something' that we don't have at every point of life.. When I have a Swift, I don't have a BMW! When I have a BMW, I don't have a XYZ!! It's never ending.. Running behind material happiness is not worth it.. You'll keep running all your life and still never feel complete and content..!!

One can never find happiness in wealth or riches.. Contentedness is the key to happiness.. This, I guess, we realize very late or never realize.. Real happiness is different.. It is that which makes you fall in love with life..!! :) It is when you smile and think "This is everything I have ever wanted" :)
Love for yourself, a tight hug from a loved one, quality time with friends, the satisfaction of having done a job well, using your life in a useful way, doing something of value to others.. these are the small things that really bring happiness!! Don't you think?? :) :)

Before I end this post, let me share the reply I got for that forward.. It said "Sorry, already got a driver.. Better luck next time" :D Hehe.. I totally deserved it :D :D


  1. Good realization! .....very good Blog :)

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  3. "Contentedness is the key to happiness.. This, I guess, we realize very late or never realize.. Real happiness is different.. It is that which makes you fall in love with life..!!"

    Very well said...

    Its true some or most times mundane things keeps on making us long for one then another then another and so on, but hope we LEARN lesson from incidents like mentioned above than just READ!! :)

    BTW nice picture associated with the post :) :)

  4. Thank you!! :)

    @Amogha- Yes, completely right! Thank you :)

  5. Yashu, Good thought.

    Don't you think if everyone becomes content with what one has, the world will become still?
    I feel aspirations are the fuel in our life that keeps us going. Yes, when we don't get something that we aspire, we shouldn't worry too much about it.

  6. I had actually expected a lot of contrasting opinions like this :) I do agree.. Aspirations always drive us.. We cannot separate ourselves from our aims and desires.. I have mentioned that giving our best and knowing that we have done our job well always makes us happy..

    What I feel is, happiness from money and material is just an illusion.. Happiness lies in living your life and cherishing it's moments :) When we are not content, we are NOT completely happy..

    P.S This is just a passing thought.. I maybe wrong.. :) :) :)

  7. You write good... Keep writing :)..

  8. Hey thanks!! :) :) :) This coming from you is a big compliment..you are such a wonderful poet yourself!! :)


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